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Hobie Cat 17 Custom – FOR SALE This Hobie Cat 17 was a world traveler and has been entered into many races. Along the way, it ended up in Summerfield, Florida where I found it in a sad reflection of its former glory. The sails and trampoline were good and the hull was floatable. The wing seating system had been removed. The trailer was a rusty mess that was barely roadworthy. This Hobie Cat 17 was completely rebuilt/restored in 2020-2022. Due to the poor design of the factory trailer, many Hobie Cat 17’s suffer from crushed hulls when the boat was too tightly strapped/secured onto the trailer. This Hobie was no different. FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO CONTACT ME VISIT: I first removed all hardware from the hulls and then located and ground away all the soft spots. They were refiberglassed with epoxy and 1708 biaxal fiberglass cloth. The hulls were then faired to perfection using Total Boat, Total Fair, then primed and painted with very high quality Quantum 99 Polyurethane Marine Paint which should be resistant to beach groundings. The hulls were flipped and the decks were sanded; Two soft spots were located, and even though the opposite hull was structurally sound in the mirroring areas, the areas were strengthened with extra 1708 and epoxy. Due to previous repairs on both wing seat mounting tubes, thr access holes were cut and covered with deck plates. Due to the curve of the deck tops, the plates were basically fixed and unusable. I wanted to change this to make the openings useful, so I added fiberglass around the openings to level them and then added new deck plates. The decks were sanded, fared, painted, and non-skid was applied. Graphics were added to the hull sides and the overall look of the Hobie has been improved 100 fold. The mast was sanded and painted. The original mast foot was broken and has been replaced. The original standing rigging was in a sad state and has been totally replaced. The sail that came with the boat was in good shape. It is silver sailcloth and not very attractive, but used Hobie sails can be found online on sites like eBay or Craigslist and is an improvement that you can make. The trailer was completely rebuilt with a new design that insures the hulls are fully supported. The trailer incorporates a mast raising system, as well as a secure mast storage system. Unfortunately, due to an early retirement and relocation, I am unable to fully complete this Hobie. The work is 95% complete. Work needed: - The mast rigging needs to be re-installed. Some hardware may need to be purchased depending on how you want it set up. - The keels edges have been built up with new fiberglass and epoxy. The keels have been faired, but they need to be sanded, painted, and reinstalled. All hardware is present. - The rudders need to be installed. All hardware is present. - A tiller arm needs to be purchased or fabricated. Personally, I can’t believe how much a Hobie tiller arm costs. I was planning to purchase a deep-sea fishing rod and fabricating my own. - The aluminum rear mast brace on the trailer needs to be finished. It was fabricated, but poorly welded. The welds broke. The mast clamp will need to be constructed. - I will make myself available via WhatsApp to answer any questions and to help/advise you with the final assembly. I was planning to ask $6,500 when completed. I am offering this awesome Hobie Cat 17 with a custom built trailer for $5,500 or best reasonable offer. I believe this is was built in 1986. It has been completely rebuilt in 2022. The work done to this Hobie was all completed above manufacturer build quality. Hobie constructed this 17 foot cat to be fast, therefore weight was a factor. It was built strong, but unable to take very much abuse. Therefore, there are not too many of these fabulous cats left. Those that are, are usually in the same state that I found this one in. Why is this a great value? - The Hobie Cat 17 was a great boat. It was fast and roomy and built to be sailed in rough waters. This is perfect for the Florida Gulf Coast. This Hobie may never race again due to the removal of the wing seating and added weight of the repairs, but it is still a great boat that will look fabulous sailing across the water. - The boat and trailer are in like-new condition and in many respects are better than an equivalent new Hobie Cat available between $7,000 to $15,000. - This Hobie Cat 17 is priced to sell quickly. I will entertain any reasonable offers. - Many new parts were bought and expertly installed. New standing rigging. New deck hardware. New rudder hardware. - New keel hardware. Rebuilt mast. - The hulls and decks have been completely repaired the right way. I've watched many videos of people drilling hundreds of holes and injecting epoxy or polyester resin. Not only does this add a tremendous amount of weight, it is also going to fail again. I found the soft spots, ground them away, and added new fiberglass and epoxy resin. These repairs are permanent and strong. - New features such as the functional deck plates, mast hoisting system, redesigned trailer, mast storage on trailer, etc. FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO CONTACT ME VISIT:

Detailed yacht information

Model (class) HOBIE 17
Name of sailboat Hobie Cat 17
Year built 1986
Manufacturer Hobie Cat
Functionality type Sport / racer
Boat design category C (Coastal)
Sail plan Catboat
Sail area 15.61 m2
Type of hull Catamaran
Material of hull Fiberglass (GRP)
Keel Twin keel
Length overall 5.18 m
Beam 2.41 m
Draught 0.46 m
Displacement 143 kg
Homeport Dunnellon, Florida


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