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Your shipyard is in Spain!!! You don't pay for parking while we do the work! Restoration of your yacht from painting to complete reconstruction We have our own dry parking and hangars We will perform the work quickly and efficiently under your control. We guarantee full transparency in technical and financial matters. We never give up on solving technical problems We can arrange the transfer of the yacht to us. WHERE? Alicante, Spain: all yachts going to and from the Mediterranean Sea pass nearby. Logistics: Airport in 15 minutes, railway station in 10 minutes, Commercial port, Highways and large marinas. by what? The dock is equipped with three cranes up to 275 tons, two platforms up to 200 tons We can lift and move yachts weighing up to 275 tons and up to 9 m wide 3 hangars with overhead cranes for work all year round and in all weather conditions Equipped workshops and good specialists Extensive relationships with various subcontractors

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