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The official distributor of Navis Marine, VennVind and Hornet companies in the Russian Federation. YACHTING CLOTHES
Navis Marine - premium yachting, fishing and tourism clothing at reasonable prices! NAVIS MARINE products are the result of the vast experience of yachtsmen and sailors, as well as ten years of experience in production. Excellent level of protection and comfort in all conditions and latitudes, from equatorial heat and tropical downpours, to Arctic ice! --- Vennvind (“friend of the wind” in Norwegian) is a new clothing brand for fans of regattas and yacht cruises. Technical features of jackets: special fabric with DWR with inner membrane, taped seams, water resistance 15000 and vapor permeability 15000. Trousers made of elastic fabric “quick drying" with cordura inserts; T-shirts made of technical fabrics with anti-UV and antibacterial properties. The novelty of the brand lies in the spirit of the product, which, despite the technical designs, has an exquisite and innovative look, studied with world-famous designers, and this design has a completely Italian heart. --- Hornet - premium yacht equipment for offshore. Membrane fabrics from Belgium (Concordia - W17000/B15000) and Sweden (FOV - W20000/B18000) are used in production. we offer women's and men's lines. There is also the possibility of tailoring according to individual sizes!
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Яхтенный жилет Navis mMarine #SV01

Navis mMarine Yacht Vest #SV01

Lightweight and warm vest for use as a top layer or as a lining under a jacket. 100% nylon Shell: 2-layer breathable Sera-Tex fabric (WP500...
Яхтенные перчатки Navis Marine

Navis Marine Yacht Gloves

Durable comfortable gloves for sailing. Water-resistant and quick-drying.
Яхтенная сумка NavisMarine B 201

Yacht bag NavisMarine B 201

Yacht bag-backpack made of waterproof and durable material. Separate compartments for clean and dirty clothes. Extra pockets. The ability to...
Яхтенный костюм Navis Marine #501

Navis Marine Yacht Suit #501

Yacht suit of increased strength Nylon Outer Membrane Fabric Seratex PRO (WP15000/MVP8000) Polyester lining Durable double-sided zipper made...
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