Яхтенная школа Sunlight Sailing

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An international yacht school accredited by the ISSA (International Sailing Schools Association) system and a charter agency.
The Sunlight Sailing Yacht School is an international yacht school founded more than 5 years ago and accredited by the ISSA (International Sailing Schools Association) system, an international organization that trains and licenses skippers (captains). The skipper's (captain's) captain's license issued by our school is valid in most countries of the world and throughout Europe. ISSA-certified instructors with extensive teaching experience and personal yachting experience teach and take exams at the school. More than 2,500 captains have been trained during the entire training period. The school's home regions are Turkey, the Baltic Sea (Riga), Spain (Alicante) and Crimea. A community of yachting and sailing enthusiasts has formed around the school. In our school you will find like-minded people for joint trips and regattas. The school holds memorable regattas for its graduates, students and friends. The school has its own charter agency that will help organize yacht rentals around the world.
г. Москва, ул. Широкая, 1-4-830

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