Montenegro. Boat trips. Boko Kotor Bay

Lord George Byron wrote about Montenegro: "At the moment of the birth of our planet, the most beautiful of the meetings of the earth and the sea occurred in Montenegro... When the pearls of nature were sown, a whole handful fell on this land...".

Have you ever seen the Bay of Kotor-the pride of Montenegro? Its shores are striking in their beauty — winding ledges, quaint coves. Boko Kotor Bay is rightfully called the Pearl of the Adriatic.
There is a legend that when the created world was just a bare earth and a gray ocean, the Lord decided to decorate every corner of the planet in his own way.
Walking around the world, God scattered here and there from his bag rich in fish seas and fertile lands, blooming gardens and cool waterfalls, fast rivers and mighty forests, majestic mountains and northern snows. But as soon as the Lord's foot set foot on the Montenegrin land, the bag broke, giving Montenegro unique natural riches and beauty.
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