Montenegro. Boat trips. Perast (part 1)

Acquaintance with the beauties of the Bay of Kotor. Islands "The Virgin on the Reef" and "St. George".

The Virgin on the Reef (Gospa od Skrpjela) is an artificial island created by sinking old and captured vessels. It is located off the coast of the city of Perast in the Bay of Kotor. The Roman Catholic Church is the largest building on the island, besides which there is also a museum, a small souvenir shop and a lighthouse.
According to legend, the island was made over the centuries by sailors who thus fulfilled ancient oaths after two sailors escaped on a rock and found an icon of the Madonna and Child there. It is believed that this happened on July 22, 1452. The rescued sailors decided to strengthen the rock with stones to create an island and build a church on it.

The island of St. George (Sveti Dordje) - or as it is also called - "the island of the dead". The island has a natural origin and is located near the town of Perast, opposite the island "The Virgin on the Reef".
There is an old abbey on the island, which was founded in honor of St. George in the IX century. The first mention of it was only in 1166, but the architecture of the structure speaks of an earlier time of construction.
The island of the Dead got its name for the fact that burials of famous Perast captains and rich local residents were conducted on it for several centuries. Each tombstone was decorated with a unique heraldic emblem.
Today St. George's Island is the property of the Catholic Church, and there is a rest house for priests on it. This is a closed area and official visits are prohibited.


Fred Micklow
Such a beautiful place
thanks for pics and story
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