Montenegro. Boat trips. Perast (part 2)

Getting to know the beauties of the Bay of Kotor. Perast

Perast is located at the foot of St. Elijah's Hill (800 meters above sea level) on the cape that separates the Risan and Kotor Bays in the Boko Kotor Bay.
Perast was first mentioned in the chronicles of Montenegro in 1336. The Republic of Venice owned the settlement from 1420 to 1797. About two centuries ago, the shores of Perast were a haven for 300 ships, and Peter the Great sent future Russian navigators to Perast for training. Back in the 19th century, Perast was a small fishing village with a shipyard, and today its population is only 500 people.
Perast is listed as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site as an example of architecture in the Italian "Baroque" style.
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