The yachts were prescribed Vysotsk instead of Vyborg.

The yachts were prescribed Vysotsk instead of Vyborg. But there are construction sites for a year
Vyborg is unlikely to be opened for yachting tourism. But a new checkpoint for boats will be built near Vysotsky in a year. Although there are 40 meters to large ships there.
Navigation for small vessels was opened in the Leningrad Region on April 24. But so far, everything is going to ensure that our yachtsmen this summer, as last year, will wander through the native reeds of the Gulf of Finland. In theory, there is an opportunity to make a small sailing trip from Finland to Russia and remember how it was. Thus, from April 15 to May 31, Russians are allowed to enter Suomi "for the purpose of exporting and transporting small pleasure craft." This means that if a resident of St. Petersburg, Vyborg or Sosnovy Bor has a boat stored in Kotka and Hamina in winter, then he can enter his neighbors, and then drive his watercraft to his native waters by sea.
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Artem Surkov
Спасибо за новость.
Был соблазн забрать свою яхту из Котки и перегнать в Россию. Но, посовещавшись с командой, решили все-таки оставить в Котке. Это здорово, конечно, что фины дали возможность забрать лодки. Но мы надеемся, что рано или поздно границы откроют. Все-таки в Финляндии гораздо проще все устроено с яхтингом.
Vlad Sergeev
... до основания, а затем... 😩
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