GIMS Rights - certification procedure: Regulations and Rules 2022 (Part 2)

Open list of exam questions:
The list of questions, in the amount of 1,500 units, is published on of.the Ministry of Emergency Situations website. In general, it's cool - you can get acquainted with the list of questions and even see the answers that the authors of the questions consider correct. Another thing is that memorizing nonsense and “right”-wrong answers instead of learning is at least irrational, and in the future it may even be dangerous.
The trouble is that the shoals found in these issues (I'll tell you a secret - there are a lot of them there) are not possible to dispute. The lists were formed by a special department of the ministry, which ignored all the comments of professionals presented at the stage of forming the list, and left everything in the poor form that we are seeing now.
Work is currently underway in this direction. A huge number of specialists from schools, inspections and other specialized organizations carry out proofreading and verification of exam questions, in order to further submit them to the Ministry and request proofreading. We hope that our association will cope and overcome the resistance of the bureaucratic machine.
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