GIMS Rights - certification procedure: Regulations and Rules 2022 (Part 4)

Limited number of attempts:
The freebie is over. There will be no more endless going to the exam for free rides. The current regulations define three attempts to pass. This applies to both theory and practice. The problem lies in the fact that if one thing fails, the entire certification is steamed up. For example, having successfully passed the theory and failed one of the types of vessels in practice, at the last attempt, the entire certification is determined as unrecorded…And it really hurts.
Sadness is trouble!
On the other hand, it is a good motivator for better training. A skill turned into a skill will pay off.
The inability to abandon the category:
According to the text of the regulations, there is no special mention of the ban or the possibility of abandoning one of the declared categories. Previously, this was also not separately prescribed, but the manual format of working with the application and the certificate allowed for this possibility.
The maneuver was used to obtain a certificate if there was a part of theory or practice that had not been passed. Let's say, well, it doesn't work out to hand over the jet ski, then I forgot to put on the vest, then I sat down wrong, then I overdid it with the approach. And because of him, such a bastard, it is not possible to get a certificate for a motorboat, but the deadlines are already running out and I want to go to the water soon ...! And now you already realize that you don't really need it and you can do without it perfectly well. Upon arrival at the inspection, it was necessary to inform the inspector about this and the unconquerable category disappeared from the examination card with the signature of the authorized person, and the desired certificate was obtained within the prescribed time. The issue has been resolved.
We do not yet know whether it will be possible to abandon one unreleased category in order to obtain a certificate for successfully passed ones. Will the electronic certification system allow this “trick of the ears”?
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