Vladivostok Boat Show Cup 2022

Annually within the framework of the international exhibition of boats and yachts Vladivostok Boat Show vbshow.ru Together with the VLADMORE Sailing Club, we are holding a Cup for novice yachtsmen. In 2022, two regattas will be held during the exhibition at once:

Regatta No. 1 — on Saturday, May 21 at 13:00
Regatta No. 2 — on Sunday, May 22 at 13:00

An easy difficulty level, for those who want to discover yachting or who already have a little experience.

We are organizing this regatta especially for beginners, so do not hesitate to sign up even if you have never been to sea before. The races are held at a calm pace, the skipper explains and shows everything on the spot, so you will be on equal terms.


13:00 Gathering of participants at the exhibition stage
We will tell you how the regatta will take place and how the results are calculated. The teams will get to know the skippers and each other.

13:30 Departure to the sea
After getting acquainted and briefing, we will immediately go to the water. On the boat, the skipper will assign you to positions and tell you what to do.

14:00 Start of the first race
By this time, you will have already figured out the tasks and will be ready to start your first race

16:30 Awarding ceremony on the exhibition stage
According to the plan, 3-4 races will be held and immediately after returning to shore, the winners and prize-winners will be awarded

You can register for the regatta by following the link: vladmoresailing.ru/vbs2022

Vladivostok Boat Show 2022 exhibition website: vbshow.ru
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