Effective replacement of polishing

Good afternoon, friends!
My friend and I have developed and successfully applied a system for the restoration and subsequent protection of the coating of yachts, boats - "F5Refiller marine" and cars - "F5Refiller ARS". For gelcoat, the system has been modified with a special primer that penetrates deep into the pores and completely prevents osmotic penetration of water to the fiberglass body. The composition itself is applied over the primer, creating 10-12 microns of protection from all external influences and fading under UV radiation, which is especially important for painted boards. The composition remains on the surface forever. It will not wash off during operation and after regular washing, resistant to aggressive salts. A single treatment gives shine and color depth to a new vessel, without cutting off the gel layer by abrasive polishing.
An attempt to promote the service of applying the F5Refiller marine system through specialized yacht and boat maintenance companies was unsuccessful due to their unwillingness to lose earnings on annual polishes.
But for yacht owners, the benefit of not polishing and applying the system is absolutely obvious! The composition is also maintainable, as is the gel. I won't bore you... if you are interested, check out my website: https://refiller-service.ru/refiller-marine
I will be happy to tell you more! My phone and messengers are on the site. Good luck to everyone!
F5 Refiller Marine Technology
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