Mentioning the yacht in the blog entries

Dear yachtsmen, yacht owners.
We have made a "Blog Mention" tab on the yacht's page.
This tab will display your blog entries where your yacht is marked.
Thus, a "story" will be formed for each yacht.
Tell us about your travels or racing successes, and this information will be collected in chronological order on the yacht's page.

However, the phrase "Blog mention" doesn't sound very good, right?

SUGGEST YOUR VERSION of the name of this tab in the comments. And if you agree with one of the suggested options, please like this comment.


Дмитрий Снегирев
Нормально и упоминание в блоге. Все понятно.
Frank Kaiser
Олеся Воронцова
Яхты пока нет, но это полезная функция. Спасибо.
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