About sailing community

Sailinfo.net was created to provide yachtsmen a convenient way to exchange information.


  • Tell about yourself, your skills and experience so that other sailors can invite you to the crew or ask for advice.
  • Add other sailors to friends to make it easier to find each other, share news, add to the crew or participate in events.
  • Post news to your personal blog.
  • Find sailors in your country, near you, by name or with the right skills.


  • Add information about your sailboat. Share this information with your friends or tag on blogs describing races or passages.
  • Typical sailboat models are already on the site. This makes the process of adding a yacht extremely easy.
  • At any time, you can put the yacht for sale or rent it out.
  • If you want to buy a yacht or take on a charter, use the convenient search, chat with the owners.
  • You can transfer all information about the sailboat to another sailor. For example after the sale.

Sailing crews (teams)

  • Add your crew or find a team with vacancies and become a crew member.
  • Assign roles to crew members.
  • Manage active and reserve crews.
  • Send notifications to all crew members about important events.
  • Communicate in a private team chat.


There is an excellent opportunity for companies to create their own page and add it to the catalog of companies, tell about their products or services, and publish news.

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