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Here is information about sailboats for sale posted by yachtsmen and companies. does not acquire any benefit (fees or commissions) from the posting of this information. If you are interested, you directly contact the owners.

If you would like to buy sailboat, we recommend:

  • Contact the owner of the sailboat and clarify the details, make an appointment.
  • Inspect the sailboat yourself or hire a qualified surveyor.
  • Find out about the legal aspects of the transaction: registering a yacht, paying tax, the need to make a transaction through a notary.
  • Make a sales agreement. You can use the service.
  • Make a prepayment or pay in full.
  • Follow the terms of your sales contract.

Find a sailing yacht for purchase by the criteria: model, year of manufacture, location, price, type, main dimensions, sail plan, equipment, etc. Convenient search for yachts on the map.

You can post information here for free if you want to sell your sailboat. For more information see this page.


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