Yacht transportation by trawl: how to organize?

It is not easy to organize complex transportation of oversized cargo on your own. To do this, you will need not only to negotiate with a large number of teams and specialists, but also to issue a package of documents and permits. The specialists of the logistics company will help you save time, money and nerves. In this case, we tell you how the "TEK Operator" organized the transportation of unusual cargo for a regular customer.


A client came to us with a difficult request. He needed to transport a large-sized boat from Irkutsk to the city of Zeya in the Amur region. But not just to transport, but to organize everything "turnkey": starting from loading from the water, ending with unloading at the place of operation of the vessel.

The boat itself was waiting for transportation at the pier, i.e. on the water. And this was the main difficulty: it was not easy to ship from the water, special equipment and a well-built loading algorithm were required.


The staff of our road transport department found local specialists in Irkutsk who have extensive experience in such loading. They took over part of the work related to lifting the boat from the water and loading it onto a car trailer. Before starting the process, we carefully prepared and coordinated with the Client and contractors a step-by-step plan, which included:

1. Loading technology,
2. Loading date and delivery time,
3. Obtaining a permit,
4. Transportation route,
5. Unloading technology and cargo acceptance procedure,
6. Reporting.

After we thought over and agreed on all the nuances, we started collecting the necessary papers, including mandatory permits for the transportation of oversized cargo. It was possible to issue it a day earlier than the maximum deadline for receipt.

Transportation of oversized cargo by trawl

On the agreed day, TEK Operator specialists coordinated the actions of crane operators, slingers, truck driver and Customer representatives. The complex loading went well according to plan — without problems and delays. Slings were attached to the crane and brought to the boat, lowering it into the water as much as possible. The slingers manually separated them from the boat in several pieces in front and behind the boat and released them. The slings sailed under the water and ended up under the boat.

When the most difficult stage was passed, the final task remained: to complete the loading. The crane slowly lifted the boat from the water and lifted it over the car. By this time, a special metal structure had already been installed on the trailer, on which the boat was carefully installed.

The cargo was carefully secured on the trailer, then the parties finalized all the necessary documents, after which the driver set off on a long journey. Seven days later, the boat was successfully unloaded at the Customer's facility.

The client was satisfied with the speed of transportation and the quality of the organization of the process. After all, the cargo owner himself spent a minimum of time and effort. The TEK Operator team has extensive experience in organizing such transportation. We will help not only deliver oversized cargo on a trawl, but also solve difficulties with its loading/unloading, as well as obtaining permits. And congratulations to the Client on the long-awaited purchase and we wish that the water transport served him for a long time, reliably and brought only positive emotions.
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