Recently I decided to mark the places on the Volga that I have visited in 34 years of traveling on a sailing yacht. Bays with an approach to the shore on small vessels with a draft of up to 2 meters. There were more than a hundred such places on the site from Saratov to Volzhsky. And each place deserves its own attention. I had my own stories with each place, some of which I outlined in the comments to the bay.
Since I passed the Volga on a sailing yacht from St. Petersburg to the Caspian Sea and to the Sea of Azov, I did not find such a number of bays and with such density and uninhabitability in our country.
It seems to me that this is a great uniqueness of our region, and our region is not only Stalingrad and the Motherland.
Perhaps this is a treasure trove for the tourism industry of the Volgograd region, about which they do not write, do not talk and perhaps they simply do not know.
My guests from Moscow on family tours on a sailing yacht on the Volga last summer were in great perplexity: - Why are we walking along the Volga for days and there is no one but us. There were only rare tankers. What is it? The whole world is hidden in the “middle” of our country?
Link to the map with marks and stories.
(Perhaps the map will open in your geolocation, scroll to the city of Saratov)


Дмитрий Снегирев
Artem Surkov
Игорь, спасибо! Очень полезная карта для всех, кто будет ходить по Волге!
Игорь Горячев
еще фильм зреет по этой тур. лоции, позже выложу
Вячеслав Чумаков
Вот это лоция!
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