Montenegro. Boat trips. Island of Flowers

Explore the beauty of the Boko Kotor Bay. Island of Flowers (the second name of Miholska Prevlaka).

The sights that Montenegro is proud of include the Miholska Prevlaka peninsula, better known as the Island of Flowers. Officially, it is called an island, but it is still more correct to call it a peninsula, since it is connected to the mainland by a small isthmus. And only at high tide, this strip of land is slightly flooded and, accordingly, Miholska Prevlaka becomes like an island.
The name" Miholska Prevlaka " (which literally translates as - the isthmus of Michael) was given to the island in honor of the ancient monastery of St. Michael the Archangel, which was built in the VI century. At present, only the building with monastic cells and a small church have been restored from the monastery complex, which previously occupied the entire island. Only three monks live in the monastery.
Its other name is the Island of Flowers. Where did such a beautiful name come from?
The fact is that the island is considered the birthplace of all sorts of palm trees, various flowers and plants that grew on it in the old days. It was also decorated with a gorgeous olive grove, almost completely destroyed by refugees during the breakup of Yugoslavia and the war. However, the numerous and diverse flora and fauna, lush Mediterranean greenery, bright flowers still delight the eyes of arriving tourists. That is why the island was called the "Island of Flowers".
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