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Getting to know the beauties of the Bay of Kotor. Prcanj

Prcanj is a cozy town located on the opposite shore of the Bay of Kotor from Kotor. The city fascinates with its coziness, measured and unhurried way of life. Most of the houses on the first line were built in the XVII-XIX centuries. Therefore, this town has preserved the appearance and atmosphere of past eras.
One of the attractions of the city is the House of the Three Sisters - it is an architectural monument of the XV century, which is associated with one of the most interesting legends of the city of Prcanj.
According to legend, three sisters fell in love with a sailor. He reciprocated only one thing. Because of this, a feud broke out between the sisters and then the sister, whom the sailor loved, decided to sacrifice her love.
The sisters built a house with three windows, each with a view of the sea. When the sailor set sail, they settled in it, deciding to spend their whole lives here. Many years later, when the first sister died, the two remaining sisters bricked up her window, and after the death of the second sister, the latter bricked up her window as well.
But when the last sister died, there was no one to brace up her window, and their house still stands, looking out at the sea with a single window.
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