The Lavansari Tour sailing yacht race will take place on June 11-13, 2021.

The Lavansari Tour sailing yacht race will take place on June 11-13, 2021.
The race is organized with the direct participation of the Vyborg yacht club "Favorit"
This race has already become traditional and takes place annually.
On the evening of June 11, the gathering of regatta participants at the pier O. Vortex.
The start is at 23:30 between Mayachny Island and the Receiving Buoy, with movement along the Bjerkesund Strait.
June 12 intermediate finish in Okolnaya Bay. Powerful, along the line between the eastern part of the dam (pier) and the northern part of the island of Bindweed.
On June 13, the start is at 7:00 from the island. Powerful with the envelope of the o-va. Hallie starboard and finish in the "gate" of Vysotsk.
As it was last year -
Everyone is kindly requested to contact Alexey Antonovich Kasinsky
For registration of participation in the race and obtaining permission from the Border Department to sail in the border waters of the Gulf of Finland. Inclusion in the general list of participants of the race. Don't take your time, do it now!
You can submit documents to the border department for the Trellis yourself, but there are nuances.
If you have any questions, please contact me, Andrey Antonov. My family and I participated in this race last year.
Those who are going to come from St. Petersburg on their yachts can join this race from the city of Primorsk. During the passage of the participants who started at the island of Vorteyova earlier. The approximate time of passage is 5-00 in the morning. In any case, the organizers of the race are ready to discuss the most convenient and reasonable conditions for all participants. The race is held exclusively in a friendly atmosphere and is available to novice yachtsmen.
We invite you to take part in this race!
View photos from the 2020 race -


Андрей Антонов
Гонка парусных яхт «Лавансари тур» состоится 11-13 июня 2021 года.
Гонка организуется при непосредственном участии яхт-клуба города Выборг «Фаворит»
Вы можете получить 100 морских миль в свою копилку. Подготовить судовую роль и по факту Вам заверять подписью и печатью Федерации Парусного Спорта 100 морских миль.
Для чего это надо? Для ГИМС, накопите мили и получите «Без ограничения парусности» в удостоверение ГИМС.
Или при заявлении на сдачу парусных категорий предъявите документ со 100 милями в ГИМС.
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