Restoring the Soling

Previously, he was engaged in sea all-around, where one of the types is a sail. However, they went by yawl (foresail, jib, etc.). I bought a soling, everything seems to be fine with the hull and mast, but I hung up with the rigging. I'm looking into it now, but I already see that a lot is missing: mechanisms for stretching the afterstay and forestay, boom sheet devices, etc. Maybe someone can tell me where you can get hold of used rigging, maybe there are such offices. And then I got into the shops, and there are prices... You can't whisper it.


Вячеслав Чумаков
быть яхтсменом, удовольствие недешевое!
Вот , глянте, может получится что скомбинировать.:
Это г. Тула
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