2 years on the shore

For almost two years now, the yacht has been standing on the shore. How much longer? Will we ever return to a normal human life, in which yachts can be launched in the spring, and in the autumn they can be washed off with a coating of algae and shells from various interesting places?
I can't believe it anymore...

And all because the yacht is located in the glorious Finnish city of Kotka, where Russians have not been allowed since the beginning of the pandemic. We must pay tribute to the fact that the Finnish authorities gave the opportunity to obtain visas for the export of yachts to shipowners. But, there are a lot of "buts".... And the main "but" - where to export. To Russia? I will not write anything about this, because only obscene words come to mind.

By the way, just yesterday a yacht parade was held in St. Petersburg in honor of the Day of Tourism. I was impressed! There were as many as 9 yachts! In the spirit of Soviet times, the announcer called the name, characteristics of each yacht and their captains. I found this case in a traffic jam, standing in front of a raised bridge. I didn't know whether to cry or laugh... I was especially pleased with the presenter's phrase that yacht tourism is gaining momentum in Russia. I was very happy for the Russian yachtsmen...

PS Yaroslav, thank you for the photo.
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