GIMS Rights - certification procedure: Regulations and Rules 2022 (Part 5)

Cancellation of S-sail restrictions:
Opening the category “sailing vessel” until March 22nd, we received the initial category “up to 22 m2". A further increase to “80 m2” became possible after 2 years (by the way, regardless of whether you walked during this period or did not see sails in your eyes), and then the opening of the category “without restrictions” in the presence of a 2-year swimming experience and a logbook with a certain number of miles found.
This restriction was expedient - 22 m”, not that area, the size of the vessel is not large, and accordingly, the possibility of doing something is not great. Beach catamaran mode. By the time it is possible to raise the category, those who need and are interested in the sail gain experience, and those who initially passed “so that everything was” by this time will not remember about it, which already cuts off some of the potentially dangerous units. Only the most stubborn, who really need it, reached the category of “unlimited”)))
Now, the inspection is forced to certify everyone for “unlimited” and those who need it, and those who “want it to be". Bad from all sides! The level of preparation of examinees is critically low, which will potentially provoke the appearance of untrained boatmasters on vessels of the Kruzenshtern scale. Well, plus or minus…
In addition, it is dangerous for the inspector signing the examination card. On the one hand, it's a pity for a person, the number of attempts is limited and no one really undertakes to teach him, on the other hand, if something happens to this person, the inspector will be to blame.

Cancellation of the simplified certification procedure:
The old regulations provided for the possibility, in the presence of a certain type of documents (a boatmaster's diploma, international boatmaster's certificates, sports certificates and many others), to obtain a certificate for the right to operate a small vessel in the GIMS in a simplified manner.
Now, alas, such an opportunity is not provided. There is no trial either. Unless the number of attested will increase, and therefore the burden on the inspection…
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