GIMS Rights - certification procedure: Regulations and Rules 2022 (Part 6)

Electronic identity card:
Something ephemeral and not clear. Typically eco-friendly, but not very) The result of providing the service is now the “formation of a registration record” and the issuance of the certificate itself. In theory, the skipper may not carry a physical certificate with him, but flaunt an electronic version of it in the form of this very record. But oh! This is a violation of the KVVT and the Administrative Code... And there are no amendments to them on this topic yet, and will there be…
And that's not the “oops” part... To check the registration record and confirm that you have the right to operate a small vessel, the inspector needs access to the database, which is possible only from a certain device, subject to a variety of requirements and primary - Internet access. So I want to see how the inspector who caught you in some @ ope of the world, where there is not really a simple cellular connection, will look for your ID in this database…
Presentation of a boatmaster's certificate is the responsibility of the boatmaster, according to the rules for the use of small vessels, but the inspector is not obliged to look for your certificate anywhere, whether electronic or physical.

Changing the types of vessels for certification purposes:
Previously, the following types of vessels were defined for certification purposes:
- small-size motor
- small-size sailing
- small-size sailing and motor
- jet ski
- a small vessel of a special design (an aerobot, an amphibian, an ekranoplane, a submarine and other small motor vessels, the specific design features of which provide alternative ways of their dynamic movement (!)).
In the current version, the motor, sailing and sailing-motor remained, but the special design and the jet ski are like the Gods of the turtle…
“Hovercraft” was singled out from the category of “special design vessel”, it is not known how previously issued certificates with the category of “special design vessel" will change in the future.
The jet ski became "a deckless small vessel with a traction engine equipped with a water cannon, designed to control it sitting, standing or kneeling with people positioned one behind the other directly on the hull, and not inside it (hereinafter referred to as a jet ski).”
In general, there was an awl for soap, if only there was.
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