Open lesson "Yachting under sail

What is yachting? How to get into this interesting world filled with new and unexplored sensations?

It's simple! It's enough just to come and fall in love! To fall in love with calmness, with the wind, with the sail itself... You will feel what it's like to be a yachtsman.
Come with the whole family! There is entertainment for everyone)

Acquaintance: We will tell you about our world and what we do
Getting to know the yacht: Let's see and try everything-everything with our hands - sails, rigging
Walk: Try yourself as a helmsman and a shkot on a sailing yacht!)

The event takes place on the specified dates by prior request (in the comments, bos, on the website or by phone)
26.06 (Sun) - 12:00
02.07 (Sat) - 12:00

Participation in the lesson is FREE OF CHARGE
Location - Strogino
For all participants, it is mandatory to have shoes with WHITE soles or a specialized yacht. the requirement is MANDATORY and not subject to discussion!
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