Ecological catastrophe in Kamchatka

On the coast of Kamchatka, it massively throws out marine life. The coast is strewn with the corpses of octopuses, sea urchins, mollusks, etc. Surfers were the first who noticed the change in the color and taste of the water. Some of them were poisoned.

One of the surfers, Anton Morozov, writes: “3 weeks ago, after surfing, everyone began to experience strange unpleasant symptoms. Blurred, dry, painful, and filmy eyes. Sore throat, ligaments swollen and sat down. The taste of the ocean is bitter, not salty, completely unusual. After a while, we ( about 20 people living in the camp who ride often ) were poisoned. We decided the reason was an intestinal infection. And no parallels were drawn.
It was strange, but the water was kind of clear, we decided it could be allergic reactions to plankton or other natural biological processes and waited for the predicted storm. There was a hope that all this would pass with him.
But that turned out to be the beginning. On Monday, the information went online. The authorities sent specialists to take samples. The water became more and more strange, muddy, thick. Photos and videos came from different ends of the coast, showing mountains of dead inhabitants everywhere.
The preliminary results of the samples showed an excess of oil products by 4 times and phenol by 2 times.
Yesterday and today, many began hastily to leave the ocean. Symptoms appear even without contact with water.
Every hour, new information comes in and recently received satellite images from Greenpeace of the river that flows into the ocean, and which, apparently, brought death to all living things. Pictures in chronology on September 1, 9, 24 show that on the 9th the river was already pouring tons of poison into the ocean.
It turns out that almost a month has passed. There were no reaction to prevent the disaster and save the situation. Probably, if the people responsible for this event were more courageous and declared their mistake and began rescue operations, the scale of this could be kept under control.
But for a month now poison has been pouring out of the river, which kills everything around. "


Artem Surkov

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