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I invite you to join the team to participate in sailing regattas on the Lower Volga.
I invite sailing yachts to the "Cup of the Lower Volga 2021" (August, second decade)
I invite you to family trips along the Lower Volga.
The only one in the Russian Federation, the author and performer of family tours: -
"To the secrets of the Volgograd Sea" website
Organizer of sailing cruising regattas on the Lower Volga.

About the sea and the yacht
We call the Volgograd reservoir the "sea" because in a good wind, the waves look like the sea.
The uniqueness of the water area for sailing.
On a plot of 250 km from the border of the Saratov region to Volgograd, the right bank of the Volga is densely indented by natural, deep ravines.
When the dam for the Volga hydroelectric power station was blocked, all the ravines were flooded by the river. Thus, several dozen picturesque, deep-water bays were formed.
One of the features of a sailing yacht is the inability to get close to the shore due to the large draft of the false keel. But in our waters, in the bays, a sailing yacht approaches the shore with its nose, thanks to the flood of the Volga, to the steep shores.
It is difficult to get by car from the highway to the Volga coast, because of these ravines, therefore, after 40 km from the big city, pristine beautiful places begin on the Volga shores without the presence of tourists and signs of civilization.
Fishermen on motorboats also cannot go far from the shore – in a good wind our sea can capsize the boat. This feature makes traveling by motorboat almost impossible.…
And only the yachtsmen of the Volgograd region enjoy this unique idyll. Since a sailing yacht is not afraid of waves or wind.
We are glad to share with you the secret corners of the lower Volga!


Валерия Крамер
Надо будет заглянуть к вам на Волгу 😉
Sam Watsky
can be an exciting adventure
Игорь Горячев
Игорь Горячев
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