Svartholm Island Hike

Next weekend we decided to go from Kotka to Svartholm island with a small fleet of three yachts. Hike for 2 days. 4-5 hours to the island, on the island - overnight, and the next day - back.


Svartholm Island is a small island off the coast of Finland, 2 nautical miles south of Lovisa.
On the island there is an open-air museum - an ancient sea bastion fortress. The construction of the fortress began in 1748, when the island belonged to Sweden. The fortress lost its defensive significance when Finland became part of Russia as a result of the Russian-Swedish war in 1809. In the future, the fortress was used as a prison. In 1855, during the Crimean War, Svartholm was destroyed by an Anglo-French squadron.
Currently, the fortress has been restored (the restoration began in 1930).
The island has several berths. Parking is free. But there is no water or electricity. There is water in a column in the center of the island. There is a restaurant on the island where you can enjoy a delicious dinner after a sea crossing.


On the approach to the island, a cloud caught up with us, the wind died down. We were worried that we would have to moor in the rain, and the rest of the route, a couple of miles, went under the engine. As a result, our yacht came last, when the other members of the "mini-expedition" had already bought up and were fully ready for dinner. However, first of all we explored the island.

Like all the islands in Finland, Svartholm is interesting and beautiful in its own way. Like all the islands of Finland, it is not a single speck. Maybe because they clean it up, but most likely because they don't litter :-) There is a warning that snakes can be found (we didn't meet them). The paths that run along the dangerous cliffs are fenced with wooden handrails. We also met campers in tents. It is prudent to do this on the island there are already stones with rings screwed into them for stretching tents.
Very interesting island! We will definitely go there more than once, I hope.

And of course, we ended the evening with a friendly gathering in the cockpit of the An Li yacht.

The next day we were pleased with a good tailwind.
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