My name is Daniel Mondou, a young Canadian inventor who has developed the fastest and safest way to rescue a man at sea with a boat that sails between 5 and 10 knots.

Here is the story of the project
After training in boating in which I practiced recovering a man from the sea with a full crew on a small sailboat, I quickly realized that in reality several elements could stretch time and hinder the success of rescues.
Particularly :
* Stress (when it is no longer an exercise);
* Reduced crew (usually two);
* The size of the boat that makes it slow maneuvered;
* The complexity of the boat that makes it difficult to maneuver to a person;
* Time of human reaction;
* Task sharing(do we see you falling).
Faced with this reality, I set myself the goal of designing a device that would easily allow anyone to rescue a man at sea. On a small boat or a large sailboat, with a small crew or a crew separated by tasks, my device had to make it possible to perform quick and simple rescues at all times. It also had to react instantly to perform rescues faster than conventional techniques allow with a full crew.

After several prototypes, several patent applications and several technical tests, NEPTUNE'S HAND was able to demonstrate its potential by allowing apprentice boaters to perform several sailing rescues, on boats over 30 feet, in less than a minute. Some rescues were even made in less than 17 seconds.

I invite you to come and see the details on my page :
MCA Performance :
Youtube :
Youtube :
I also invite you to talk about the fundraising campaign on your social networks to promote the birth of a local product.
The KICKSTARTER campaign is currently online and will officially start on January 21, 2021 to fund the specialized tooling needed for production. As a thank you, KICKSTARTER contributors will be able to obtain this magnificent product at the cost of manufacturing during the funding period.
All contributions are required for the launch to work. In addition, I would like to hear your comments to make the project evolve to the maximum.
Thank you for your cooperation. Together, let's build the future.
Daniel Mondou, inventor


Boris Kraus
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