How I bought a catamaran…

Of course, it all started with a dream. I was about six years old when my older brother invited the whole family for a weekend at the yacht club to go sailing. We went on a Polish-made Cormoran yacht. Now I understand that it is a tiny yacht, but then ... for me it was a Ship! I wasn't allowed to manage, of course. But when we anchored in the middle of the lake for a swim, I grabbed the tiller and began to shift it from side to side. The wind whipped the yacht at anchor, and it seemed to me that it was my movements at the steering wheel that made it move.

So the dream of having your own sail came. In the hard nineties, it almost disappeared. And then it began to gradually grow stronger and grow.

I knew perfectly well that a simple purchase of a yacht is not a tricky thing. And not very expensive (if we talk about a small and not new yacht). But where to keep it? Where to serve? How to protect? All this is solvable. But it requires a lot of money. No wonder the British have a saying: "A yacht is a hole in the sea, surrounded by a tree, into which you must constantly throw money.»

Back in school, I came across Peregudov's book "Tourist collapsible sailing ships". It described the construction of homemade catamarans and trimarans, which can be stored simply on the shelves in the apartment and transported even by public transport.

Here's the solution! But there was a problem — it was necessary to make such a boat yourself. And it's not about crooked hands. Just in the days of the Soviet Union, most of the materials could be found simply in the garbage. And now all this had to be bought for a lot of money and at the risk of spoiling it.

Once, during the next aggravation of a child's dream, I was looking on the Internet for new designs of homemade boats. And by chance I came across a forum where commercial designs of collapsible sailing catamarans produced in Ukraine were discussed.

It was an easy shock — you can just buy a dream sailboat, pick up the sheet and tiller, and then-only water and wind!

But a few more years passed before the dream came true. During this time, a lot of books, websites, and forums were re-read. Prices, characteristics, designs, and reviews were compared.

And still — the dream remained a dream. Constantly there were problems, the solution of which required costs. And there were not enough funds for everything.

By then I was a merchant seaman. Earnings gradually grew. And in the end, the dream was transformed into action. The most interesting thing is that at that time I was on a flight and was somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

But the Internet has already penetrated even there. And I contacted one of the Ukrainian manufacturers of catamarans. We selflessly discussed the characteristics and equipment of the future boat. And then I mentioned that I was about ten thousand kilometers from Ukraine. And, despite the assurances that the order would be placed after my return, I was, of course, taken for another dreamer who would forget about these conversations in a few days.

That flight was a very long one. Nine whole months. And all the while, I could literally see my sailboat.

Immediately after returning home, the order for the catamaran was placed, a partial prepayment was made and the waiting period began.

During the preliminary discussion of the order, I so enthusiastically described the lakes of the Danube region that the owner of the production (his name is Alexey) wanted to visit there and announced that he would bring the finished catamaran completely free of charge. And with me was the organization of rides.

Time passed. And the impatience grew. I placed the order in early June, and I expected to get the finished catamaran by mid-summer. But August was already beginning. The manufacturer periodically pleased with photos of individual elements, but I already wanted the result. And the season was rapidly ending. Anyway, I was getting nervous.

And suddenly-hooray-happy news! My cat is coming to me!

Preparations for the meeting began. The place of the first descent is determined. Naturally, on the lovely lake Yalpug since childhood. The day before the expected meeting, meat for shish kebab, wine and a bottle of champagne were purchased — at the first descent, the traditions must be observed.

The "H" day is coming. In the morning I talk to Alexey — he is already in Odessa. There's not much time left to wait. However, the Odessa-Reni road does not allow you to go fast. But still-soon!

And suddenly the connection is lost. Alexey's phone number is out of the access zone. Disaster!

The connection appears only by the next day's lunch. Alexey had some problems in Odessa. The problems are solved, and he is already on his way to Ishmael.

Late in the evening, I ride my motorcycle to the outskirts of the city to meet Alexey and escort him to the hotel.

A long-awaited meeting. Acquaintance. Alexey arrived with his wife.

Due to the delay in Odessa, we have to change our plans — Alexey can no longer stay for a full rest. The next day we plan to go to the lake, assemble the catamaran, short ride, disassembly and everything…

I'm taking the guests to the hotel. There's a funny situation going on there. Our girls stayed on the street, and Alexey and I went to the reception to order a room. Alexey is tired from the long road, and I am unshaven and with a motorcycle helmet in my hands. The receptionist girl, not understanding the situation, offered a room for two with separate beds. Alexey reasonably noticed that he would be satisfied with a double bed. Ten seconds later, I realized the piquancy of the situation, and I explained that my friend would live here with his wife, and I was just a guide.

Our reputation with Alexey was saved, the girl was released…

We wish each other a good night and leave.

Early morning wake-up. And, finally, we go to the lake.

It's done! Champagne is uncorked, the catamaran is watered with it. At the same time, the name is given-the Siren.

The first exit showed that I was not mistaken in my expectations. There were five of us on the catamaran, but it wasn't crowded at all. The Cat was picking up speed quickly, tacking perfectly. Even though there was an inexperienced helmsman at the helm. There is nothing to measure the maximum speed, but it was really fast.

Of course, now I notice some design flaws. But this is perfectly normal. Gradually, everything will be completed and redone. By the way, the fine-tuning of a large yacht sometimes takes several years.


Vlad Sergeev
Интересная конструкция поплавков. Достаточно высокие. Чтобы в волну кат не зарывался?
Максим Мурадьян
Да. При длине 5,3 м имеют диаметр 0,6 м.
Artem Surkov
Если пандемия продлится, то наверное, тоже обзаведусь надувным катамараном. Удобно. Разобрал, на балкон закинул и деньги за стоянку не платить. А то прошлый год за стоянку платил, а походить не удалось 😩
У моего товарища был надувной катамаран "Успенских". Покатался. Из положительных впечатлений - скорость. Но я не люблю катамараны из за того, что ощущения не такие, как на яхте. Моя пятая точка не привыкла к тому, как катамаран на ветер и волны реагирует. Поэтому у меня есть сомнения. Но, как я писал выше, хочется....
А как у вашего катамарана обстоят дела с остойчивостью, безопасностью, энерговооруженностью?
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