The way home from an unparus hike ( lyrical digression)

Why Pakhtusov ? He was our base in his youth. I will tell you about the very first trip to the Rimsky Korsakov Islands.
After the ninth grade, they returned from the collective farm. And we still have a couple of weeks of golden August left. On a big hike to the islands.
The bot was still the first. 6 meters . With a whaleboat stern. After a year of walking under the gasoline L12 ( which lifted up) we have delivered a 2H diesel engine.
So, as the years were-the end of the sixties, and we were schoolchildren, it was assembled from three almost corpses.
The answer to the mother's question-where, was as always-Yes, there is a nearby . To the islands.
A couple of people fell away, and we moved in the evening, in the direction of Pakhtusov , the three of us.
In the morning, waking up in the southern bay, we saw a complete calm and the islands of Stenina and Pelis, as if in the palm of your hand. We haven't gone this far yet.
But, behind him, it was already sixteen.
Well, we went around Stenin in a circle, and decided to move to Pelis. And, after lunch, we moored in a deep bay. The bay is deeply indented parallel to the western shore. Across the spit from the bay, there is also a lake . With carp. At the same level with the sea . But bland.
Then we went to Peles a couple more times. Already under sail. But. first impressions, the most vivid.
Stenina .
On Stenin, we saw the seal for the first time. Now they are splashing at the Russian border. And in those years we were only on distant islands.
Now the Rimsky Korsakov Islands are part of the Far Eastern nature Reserve. Ah, then only the border guards could stop it. But when they saw our boyish faces, they only shook their fingers. And they twisted their finger at my temple that we were hanging out so far without our parents , on a boat with a sewing machine.
My fingers are tired. Then next....
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