GIMS Rights - certification procedure: Regulations and Rules 2022 (Part 3.2)

Questions on navigation equipment and visual signaling on ships are not divided into those taken from the GDP and MPPCC-72 PP - which is radically strange and poses a significant threat to the success of the exam.
As for the number of questions:
35 questions during certification for all types of vessels and navigation areas (7 thematic blocks) - less than it was; 45 minutes are allotted; 3 errors are allowed.
30 questions during the exam for some selected types of vessels and navigation areas (from 3 to 6 thematic blocks) - more or less than it was, depending on the number of selected blocks; 40 minutes are allotted; no more than 2 errors.
25 questions with two thematic blocks - more than it was; 40 min.; 1 error is allowed.
15 questions for one additional type of vessel; 20 min.
10 questions for an additional swimming area; 15 min.
If an error is made in the last two versions of the certification, the opportunity is given to answer 3 penalty (additional) questions in order to compensate for the error; 5 minutes are given for the answer; mistakes are not allowed.
“Each question is randomly selected by an automated system (hardware and software complex) from the corresponding thematic block.” - and many of them are double-minded and confused as a result, where did he fall from such an interesting question.
“There are answers to each question, one of which is correct.”Don't anger the Goddess! For many questions, this statement is not true: there is an answer that is marked as correct, but in fact it is not, but it is worse when the answer is really correct in the list, but (according to the system) it is not correct. It's a lousy irony though…


Олеся Воронцова
Подскажите, а это какая-то программа?
Sailing club -
Доброго дня! Да, это программа - целый аттестационный комплекс. Он интегрирован в госуслуги, заявка из них автоматически попадает в инспекцию и на ее основе формируется заявление на аттестацию. Дальше весь процесс, по крайней мере по задумке "идейных вдохновителей" тоже электронный - и процесс сдачи теории (экзамен сдается на компьютере), и процесс записи на практику.
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