Repair of the mainsail twist in the mast.

Lifting the boat, I decided to remove the mast. Inspect, check shrouds, fasteners, roller spinnaker halyard, etc. In addition, it turned out that the running red and green lights located on the top of the mast were not lit. In general, there were reasons. The mast was removed quickly, and I unwound the sail when the mast was lying on the trestle. And, as it turned out, not in vain. At the bottom of the twist, at the tack angle, a crack was found in the pipe. I had to disassemble the twist, the benefit is not difficult. Removing the drum spin, in connection with the "starperson", the latter was defeated. The mainsail twist shaft consists of sections approximately 170 cm long, connected to each other by means of an insert and rivets. I decided not to look for a pipe, but to make a new insert from a duralumin bar, connecting it to the rest of the pipes using a milled flange that follows the shape of the inner section of the pipe. It turned out not bad, it remains to collect all this in the spring in reverse order. Tip one-check regularly the condition of the mainsail twist, and preferably on the removed mast, otherwise one day the sail can not be removed... yes, the selden mast.


Дмитрий Снегирев
А сколько времени прошло с предыдущей инспекции?
Frank Kaiser
very useful advice, I'll take note
Yaroslav Timoshenko
"А сколько времени прошло с предыдущей инспекции?"
Этого я не знаю.
Moscow boat-show 2021
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